Questions? Consult the Wiki!

Consult the Books of Armaments, Chapter 2, Verses … no, wait, that’s a different thing altogether. 

Stay Informed and Do Some Informing Yourself

With all of the cool stuff we’re doing lately we want to make sure you have a way to capture all of your stories, contributions and immortalize yourself in our future games, branches and projects. The best way to do that is to contribute to our Wiki called the Codex of Libernum. You can reach it by heading on over to If you want to submit edits, updates or add new sections altogether you can contact Brando on our Discord server. There are sections and articles already on the Wiki from past branches. There is an overall generic layout to explain our general structure with the opportunity to specify anything for a singular branch effort. If you’re not sure what to add or how to get started just ask.

More Opportunities to Contribute

We’re also looking for folks to contribute Videos to our sparse YouTube Channel. Seriously, it needs help, as in, videos and other content. We also have several folks with channels that we can leverage. Instagram is also another chance to share screenshots and other content. 

You can also write articles, like this one you’re reading right now. The sky is the limit as far as content. You can use our WordPress as your character’s blog or to inform people about a new branch that you’re trying to stand up as part of the Republic. We’re working to enable you to contribute however you want.

If you want to contribute content just reach out to Brando on Discord and we’ll get you squared away.


Game Design Done the Silver Sun Republic Way

It’s What We’ve Always Talked About …

For as long as anyone can remember we’ve always had big ideas in the Republic and most of the core group will share stories of our grand plans whether it was to open our own game store or design our own video games. Well, we’ve knocked a few of them out of the park including our own game store and here we are at the brink of designing our own games, not just video games, but all kinds of games including tabletop and our own RPG ruleset. Over the last few weeks we’ve started putting many of those plans into action above and beyond the game store.

SSR has always been about building something rather than destroying it and that attracts gamers who are more about positivity than the toxicity that dominates some communities. We’ve toppled our share of enemies in the PvP games we’ve played, but we always do it within the mechanics and confines of the game even when our adversaries decide to engage us in the meta realm stealing game accounts and attempting to hack our website and forums. Despite all of that we’ve always come out on top as a well respected community. Why do I bring that up? Because it’s how we’re building our businesses and design teams that are an extension of the community we have created.

Let’s Make Game Design Fun and About You

We’re all gamers in one form or another. We’re also storytellers and you have a story to tell. Some of the greatest stories come from the least expected places and talk about the rise of nobodies to become somebodies. The mantra among the leadership in SSR is to talk about how we don’t just recruit leaders, but we build them. We are often times victims of our own success. In some of the MMOs we’ve played we tend to lose members in groups because we’ve empowered them to become leaders. We teach organization, coordination, discipline and leadership. We help people rise up and better themselves. It seems silly in a video game community; we see games as a platform to not only escape from reality for a bit of time, but to return to it being better equipped and able to handle whatever comes our way.

This same philosophy applies to the games we want to build and the stories we want to tell. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though, because we follow the Conan the Barbarian attitude. Life isn’t black and white, it’s shades of grey (no, not that kind … there’s way more than 50 of them by the way…). Good people do bad things and vice versa. “Bad” people seek redemption and good people mess up, but in the end we can all seek to better ourselves no matter the conditions in which we find ourselves.

That’s why we want to hear from you and learn about your stories. It can be something personal or something about a character you have in the SSR. We’re crowdsourcing our game development from the top to the bottom. Our game world includes all of our players from those who have done great things to those who have attempted to screw us (and we’ve got some great ones that are better than your typical, shallow, worn out, hollywood plotline).

That Sounds Cool, But How Exactly?

If you’re a member of SSR you’re already part of the master plan. Your participation in the guild have already secured your place in our history. Even those we’ve had to part ways with will have a role in some way. Too easy, right? Well, there’s a whole lot more aside from that in case you want to get even more involved. Okay, so how do you do that? Keep playing! We’re rolling out custom servers for various games to help capture even more detailed stories and letting you build out our world.

Wurm Unlimited: Our Detailed Game World

We’re pulling from a ton of different sources for our game world’s history and some of them are long or recently passed (Darkfall Online, Age of Conan, Wurm Online, Conan Exiles, Life is Feudal and more!). The most recent examples include Wurm Unlimited. The game is so unique in the fact that we can build a per pixel custom height map then import it into a world generation tool to create an exact replica of our own world. By playing Wurm Unlimited on our server you’re able to create cities, homesteads, strongholds, camps and other Points of Interest that we can include in our final game world. Not only can we get a feel for a 3D representation of our world, we can start messing with some of the geopolitical implications.

We’re starting with a colony of the Republic in a distant continent that will form the ancient past and play into the current era of the nation. The map is what we’ll include in our final game world design. Any of the Points of interest you’re building by claiming and building up deeds right now will be included in future games and lore events. You can see the Live Map of the server below to get a sense of the ongoing building already taking place. Hop on our Discord server and get involved.

Here you can see the stylized in-game map for what the continent looks like zoomed out.

As of right now we’re on the colonial continent of SSR, but we’re working on the home continent to create a custom height map based on our ongoing game world map. Soon ™, you’ll be able to sail in game using ships you construct in the game to head over to the main continent that will be partially built up from SSR lore. It will include NPCs that reflect prominent SSR members (so you may just encounter yourself in your Ministerial or Officer position) and the rank and file across our various past games (We love you guys!).

Longterm Plan

This map will drive all of our future projects from mobile games to an MMO, novels, short stories and who knows. We want you to help us build an intricate world from the ground up that we can use to create an immersive environment from and not pay stupid amounts of money to participate in like some other projects are trying to do.

No matter what game we’re playing, we always want immersion to drive our experience leading to some really cool places and spaces that our members have built.

Pen and Paper RPG: Pathfinder/D&D 5e

We’re not 100% locked in to a game system quite yet, but we do know we’re also going to be using some sweet pen and paper action to help develop our stories. What’s really cool about this line of effort is that our campaigns will affect each other using DMs that are tied into their own livemap that lays over the top of our Wurm Unlimited server map. So as people build new deeds and settlements in Wurm, our DMs will see that and can add to the stories that stem from the Points of Interest popping up being built by players in our servers. This will allow for adventuring parties to interact and build out our lore as well as work together (or against each other!). These games will be livestreamed if they’re in our game store or hosted by network DMs (ask in Discord how you too can join our growing empire!). The recordings of those livestreams will be linked on the website here so people can go back and watch them.

Longterm Plan

This will turn into our project to replace the rule system with our own design. The goal is to create a pen and paper RPG system that integrates with our tabletop miniatures game. Being unsatisfied with some of the current historic miniature rulesets, we want something that scales from typical RPG pen and paper systems to massive grand battles. It needs to work with individual miniatures and large battle lines with a simple ruleset that uses the same base stats and mechanics. We also want it to reflect actual combat with collapsing lines, flanking movements and the visceral and personal nature of warfare.

Organized warfare has always been a centerpiece of how we conduct ourselves in all of our games and we want to share that style of gameplay because we know a lot of others enjoy it as well. Some games (like Life is Feudal) have obliged us in this regard.

Life is Feudal: MMO

Life is Feudal has seen the rise and fall of Hyperion once again. Of course we have a love-hate relationship with Hyperion. It’s a very difficult undertaking to produce a whole player run kingdom and sometimes we or our allies end up with bullseyes on their backs. The honor typically goes to the Duchy of Wessex because they’re able to rally a whole lot of people and that tends to draw in some folks who just love drama and toxicity. Despite the drama and salt people feel towards Wessex they’ve always had SSR’s back and vice versa. SSR has played a critical role in the waxing and waning of Wessex (sometimes to the benefit and sometimes to the detriment of both communities). LiF was no different and continues to be no different as toxic elements of the community harbor so much salt towards them partly out of jealousy, but also out of simple human nature which makes that storyline so powerful. We’re rebuilding our effort in LiF to continue to explore the strong PvP and strategic elements of SSR. The Silver Sun Republic provided a critical coordinating element and battlefield presence through our ongoing command and control expertise in PvP on a tactical, operational, and strategic level in planning and execution roles.

Longterm Plan

SSR continues to find opportunities to stretch our minds and mouse clicks in PvP. There’s so much more to come in Life is Feudal and the competitive PvPers in our group have a whole lot more to give to our future adversaries. Our future games also plan to contain a competitive PvP aspect, so we need to stay connected to the community and despite LiF’s current state, there’s a belief that it can come back to … life … It provides us with a platform to maintain a competitive PvP element until we get our own projects off the ground.

Symbols, symbols everywhere! We do a lot of things with purpose either out in the open or hidden to see if people can pick up on the subtlety. A moon is a silver sun to some, isn’t it?

Wrapping it All Up

There’s a lot to SSR and we have a lot of plans in the works. We’ve already acted on a few of them with even more coming to fruition soon. This is another step in the right direction and sometimes we need to take pause to explain to our community why we’re doing certain things to hopefully highlight what we all already know and that is that we’re full of motivated and intelligent gamers that are working to change our parts of the world whether that’s reality or virtual.

As always, hit us up on Discord to share your own visions or see how you can contribute to what we’ve got growing in the background.

New Look, More to Come — StrategyBro and More!

I stream throughout the week and often times Friday/Saturday evenings, so join me for some heckling, Struggle Bus riding, and random shenanigans at Give me a follow and help me build my Empire, muahahahaha!

I’m always updating things. It’s just a habit of mine, so the latest and greatest is that I have a new logo and on top of that one of the artists that created RunningSilent’s artwork is now working on mine as well. I’m over 50 followers on Twitch, but I did some off schedule streams with lower average viewers, so I need to boost my count up a bit to get Affiliate. Mr_Ohnny and I are also working on some tips and tricks to getting to Affiliate status so you all can avoid the pitfalls that both of us experienced as our streams grow and we reach the next plateau in the livestreaming world.

That’s a slick looking logo if I’ve ever seen one.

Now that has its feet under it in terms of Livestreaming, the next effort is the building phase. We’ve figured out some of the hurdles and barriers to entry so that has enabled us to develop a game plan for the future. There are a ton of moving parts that are coming together and activity has increased over the past few weeks. The building phase will focus less on building infrastructure and more on content.


  1. Identify partners and build infrastructure
  2. Build Content
  3. ?????
  4. Profit

This one doesn’t involve underpants… or does it?

You may have also noticed that this site has come into being and that Military Gamer Network now has its own site as well. You may even be reading this article from that site because of how our content distribution works. We began with Livestreamers, but we’re moving on into overall Content Generation. MGN has a section for Livestreamer Setup and soon it will have a section for content generation to include hosting other people’s blogs, twitch profiles and other content. The idea is to take content and replicate it as many times as we can generating more exposure for MGN and all of our contributors. That leads me to my next point about how StrategyBro is going to take off.

Now that I can focus on content itself, I’ll be working on Battle Reports, Game Reviews, general philosophical debates on things that don’t matter and maybe some that do. We already do the Sunday SITREP to cover the upcoming week, but I’d also like to recap and review games we’ve been playing as a community and tackle some controversial topics. I also want to take all of that brain space that has been taken up by what I’ve learned in the military and apply it to video games. As my fellow MG members continue to make obvious to me, I’m StrategyBro, this ain’t TacticalBro, but then again, there are so few military brains out there applying some of these higher order concepts to open ended games like Life is Feudal, Squad, Planetside 2 or any of the traditionally Tactical FPS games. Most open PvP sandbox games are designed to allow for a Strategic mindset, but unless the group or community is prepared to function at that level, most decisions are still made tactically in time and space. We’re hoping to change that through the StrategyBro stream and bring some higher order discussion to the multiplayer games we play.

See, we even have an image overlay for them!

Keep your eyes open for our new contributors and the content generation we’re going to be bringing to you on a weekly schedule. As we get settled in, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make your mark and grow your own brand within our network.

Tune in Sundays at 7PM Central on, or for the Sunday SITREP with Brando and Moxie to catch LIVE updates on your favorite community. 

PvP Arena Round 1 in Conan Exiles — 2 June 18

We’re kicking off the PvP Arena that we’ve spoken about recently in style with competitors from around the Military Gamer Network. member, BabyFaceJohn is hosting the event on the Conan Exiles server starting at 1900 Eastern on Saturday, June 2nd. Gear will be provided to ensure everyone is in a standard fighting kit and the prize for the event has been described as “exquisite,” so we’ll see exactly what that means on Saturday.

If you’re interested in checking out the game you find out more on it’s Steam Store Page and by tuning in to the channel on Saturday to see one of our network streamers coming to you LIVE with the ongoing action. Why watch it when you can jump in and join the fun?

Life is Feudal Going Native – New NPCs?

Life is Feudal launched a teaser trailer today that alludes to the long anticipated NPC feature that is centered around natives, which were originally supposed to be found underground. From the looks of the trailer these dudes aren’t going to be hiding in your mines or tunnels exclusively.

Coming Soon: The Natives are Restless – Life is Feudal: MMO

The new arrivals seem to have spared no time in establishing themselves as the land’s lords and ladies – and even kings and queens! Perhaps, however, the original inhabitants will make an appearance… NPC Natives coming soon.Keep an eye out for updates!

Posted by Life is Feudal on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The LiF MMO has suffered significant population drop off, but with the addition of NPCs, things may be looking up. The Developers have promised a big May update and this just might be it. The trailer says, “Coming Soon,” so that doesn’t mean much at this point, but if they follow through on the promise to pull people back in by the end of May then soon may really mean soon. Time will tell if it’s enough to bring players back to the game.

If you’re looking for a community to game with in Life is Feudal, Silver Sun Republic and still have a presence, arguably one of the more stable communities as well, so check them out. 

Head on over to for more gaming news and to check out more about our gaming communities.

20 May 2018 – SITREP – What Are We Up To?

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

Tonight at 7 PM Central on, and we’ll be covering a few different topics for MGS, and Silver Sun Republic. We figured we would take you through some of our current active branches and show off what some of our members have been up to, primarily the members playing Conan Exiles and the coliseum they’ve built for some PvP ladders coming soon.

PvP in Conan Exiles

The Stygians are serious about their competitive sports.

The ladder and arena style Player vs Player combat will be starting up soon for and Silver Sun Republic on the MG Exiles server being hosted on’s dedicated server where members can request games to be installed for use by the community.

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of

Open areas perfect for slaughtering people or a wide list of “things.”

The server has pitted SSR and MG against each other to compete for PvE progression, but now the time has come to take the gloves off and get some arena and event style PvP going to see who is the Champion in Conan Exiles.

Fight in style and enjoy some fabulous interior decorating.

The arena is functional, but it’s also a cool place to hang out thanks to CaptMoxie and BabyFaceJohn spending some time getting things arranged. Conan Exiles has access to a wide variety of fixtures and furniture to personalize your home, or your torture chamber, whichever floats your boat or pulls your trigger.

Well, when you stop sweeping the place, the dust does tend to build up.

Not only does the arena serve as a place to fight, but it can also be a nice hangout spot in between events or to bring the community together to enjoy a nice tavern ambiance. It’s up to you whether you’ll just remain a spectator or jump in and get bloodied in the area. Either way, the game offers an opportunity for the community to come together and spend some time in virtual space together.

Content Suggestions

We’re getting links to things from people from time to time and that’s awesome, it’s greatly appreciated. Feel free to send it to any one of our Social Media platforms, on Discord as a Direct Message or share it on the MG forums. We’ll take that content, talk about it and share it with the rest of the community. We’re here for you!

Get Involved

Join us on Twitch and Discord so you can be part of the show!

We’ll be chatting directly on or on any of the community Discord channels.

Conan Exiles on What Are We Playing Now?

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out during Early Access, I highly recommend Conan Exiles. The game takes the concept of Ark and smashes it into the world of Conan the Barbarian. It has it all from base building to NPC followers called Thralls that you can put in the Wheel of Pain that Conan was pushing in a circle from the movies (you have to break their will somehow!). The game also features siege mechanics, clans, quest lines, dungeons, climate effects, twitch style combat, in depth crafting and a whole lot more. Then again, you’re probably better off just watching the launch trailer below:

Conan Exiles Launch Trailer

The Military Gamer Network is hosting a server for Conan Exiles and you can get all the details on our Discord through or Silver Sun Republic.

In order to qualify for membership you must be current or former US Military.


Silver Sun Republic

Starting Your Own Business – Preview for 29 April 2018 Weekly SITREP

Streaming LIVE on Sundays at 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain at

This week we talked about epic Veteran entitlement fails and re-enlistments gone wrong. We were also treated to updates from some of the branches and talked about what was going on at Military Gamer Supply ( in El Paso and what Silver Sun Republic was up to as a community. We got some good insight into EVE and Life is Feudal, which I still highly recommend if you’re looking for some group PvP on a grand scale. One game will give you your Sci-Fi fix and the other will scratch that Medieval hardcore combat itch.

What I’m MOST excited about and it sounds like folks are getting geared up to hear about are the plethora of resources available for Veterans looking to start their own business whether it is your hobby or a full blown retail chain. I’m going to talk about my own experiences and significant mistakes in starting Military Gamer Supply, so that you don’t have to go through them yourselves. I’ll give you a look into the world of Small Business Ownership and guide you in the right direction after I’ve stepped on just about every commercial land mine that was out there.

We’ll also hear from the branches around the community again and see if anyone got up to any good fights in EVE or Life is Feudal.

I’ll also finally be around to start doing some Saturday Night Ops soooon (about 2 weeks away!) when we get our hands around some ARMA 3 goodness.

On one last and final note, I have some keys to give away for Defiance 2050, which is a new MMO from Trion Worlds entering beta on PC, Xbox and Playstation this weekend. I’ll be giving them away on Discord, so make sure you join the Discord server via and claim yours! Limited quantities of course.

Life is Feudal MMO Launches 17 Nov 2017

Well technically it’s the Launch of the Open beta….but there’s no more wipes! So of all intensive purposes this is truly the launch we’ve been training and waiting for. SSR is making some last tweaks to our launch plans so we can ensure we have the best launch strategy possible. If you purchased Life is Feudal YO then you get a FREE character for the launch. If you purchased a supporter pack then you get even earlier access up to 24 hours.

Check out the date and times and see when you’ll be let into the game.

You can get involved by hopping on our Discord server. We’ve switched off of TeamSpeak 3 and our forums in favor of the future of MMO gaming and automated guild admin. Our Discord server acts like a voice app and forums all rolled into one with automated bots that take care of a lot of our admin tasks.

Join our Discord server by following this URL invite:

Join a Proven MMORPG Community

Join us in Life is Feudal and help us build something great so you can be part of our history:

  • It took the entire server to take us out in Darkfall Online
  • We built the most successful RP community in Age of Conan
  • We’re continually approached to broker deals between other guilds

Our reputation speaks for itself with our proven track record; you can join us to achieve something greater and be part of a solid team to level up your fun.

We hope to see you there!

Good Bye Forums; Hello Discord and WordPress Integration!

Over the next few weeks we will begin transitioning away from our forums (they have served us well over the past 15+ years!) and moving towards a new evolution of community management that is being developed by us as part of the next generation of forward looking gaming guilds.  Through a series of bots, database tie ins and leveraging our WordPress install we will begin rolling out a whole new look at the way communities communicate and automate basic functions to ensure that you get to do what you came here to do … PLAY GAMES!

The Silver Sun Republic has a ton of depth to it and that generally means a lot of admin overhead to make the group run, which tends to take away from leadership presence inside the game and that’s a whole lot of bad juju.  To fix this we are working on a series of Discord bots that will work hand in hand with our website and even our Life is Feudal: Your Own server!  Whaaaaaat?  That sounds like SkyNet or some such nonsense, right?  It kind of does and our goal is to completely automate the mundane tasks of make sure members are taken care of from an administrative perspective.

Da Bots, Boss, Da Bots!

Work has already begun on a series of bots that will take the form of the core Officer positions of the Republic to help familiarize new members with the in-game presence of our human officers and what sort of jobs they handle.  The automation of these bots will free up the “paperwork” and overhead of running a guild outside the game so that our Officers can focus on being inside the game world where their leadership is most crucial.

Without further adieu, introducing your future cast of Bots:

Prefect Bot

Prefects are Officers of the Ministry of State and are seen as the mentors, mediators and moderators of the Republic dealing with new members, registration and getting new immigrants settled into the nation.  With the advent of the Prefect-Bot, registration will now be handled entirely on Discord and our WordPress site by allowing new members to type @Prefect-Bot immigrate [emailAddress].  Prefect-Bot will take their nickname from Discord along with their E-Mail Address and register an account for them.  After that it will whisper them a token for redemption on our website and add them to Immigrant Role.  Those who only want to register as guests can use the guest-register command.  Once a member has registered, they can log into the site, set their password and access the Immigration panel which will serve as a tutorial to the Republic.  It will also enable features in our Life is Feudal: Your Own server allowing immigrants to undertake a “Quest” using modded NPCs to learn more about the Republic or take a series of tests on our website to advance to full membership as Commoners.

Prefect-Bot will also allow users to report crimes, ask simple questions as part of a FAQ and access basic laws of the Republic while in Discord.

Commerciante bot

One of the greater accomplishments of the Republic has been to design an internal economy that works to enhance the mechanics of whatever MMO we’re playing; unfortunately, it’s a huge pain in the neck to execute unless the game specifically supports it with certain features.  FEAR NOT, oh future entrepreneurs and economic geniuses, we have a solution and it is in the form of a bot for the Ministry of Commerce.

We have our own currency, the Scudii, and in the past it was a whole lot of manual labor to record values of items donated to the coffers of the Republic, but now we can automate that entire process with the use of a Bot.  When anyone donates materials to the Republic, they will report that to the Commerciante-Bot and a human Commerciante will be able to verify the fact that it made it into Republic storage via a web interface.  They will then deposit Scudii of sufficient value into that citizen’s internal Republic bank account through a simple green checkmark button on the panel.  If it is not correct, they can hit a red ‘X’ and cancel the deposit.  This splits the cost of labor and effort without having a poor officer spend half their game time recording values of random crap.

In addition, we will be able to bring back our contracting system that allows citizens to bid on contracts for private exchanges or to support the needs of the Republic.  This allows us to pay in in-game currency or using Scudii thus extending the economy of the Republic.

We can also automate business licensing and allow merchants/crafters to create companies that pay registration fees generating revenue for the Republic.  Access to bid on certain contracts can be limited to those in the licensed contracting Role who have paid for their licenses as a contractor.

Following all that up, we will also be able to maintain public price lists that can fluctuate based on supply and demand as well as Republic stock levels automatically through the back end database allowing a sort of Stock Market to emerge for those who desire an even further extension of the economic game.

Herald bot

On top of all the other features we already have a calendar bot, but we want to extend that set of commands as well by implementing a Herald-Bot who is the Officer of the Executive Ministry.  The Herald-Bot will be your source for events, news and announcements regarding in-game events and community happenings.  Promotions, achievements and all around recognition can be handled via the Herald Bot who will automate further role assignments and ranks, titles and awards processing for members.  Someone did something especially awesome in the field?  Report it to Herald-Bot and we’ll make sure they get recognized for their accomplishments.

Lieutenant Bot

Possibly my favorite of all of our new bots, the Lieutenant-Bot will automate a lot of the depth and structure we seek to implement in our military.  Not only will it take in Scout/Spot Reports of enemy activity, it will plot it on a Google Earth map for us to have a Common Operating Picture to coordinate patrols and defense.  It will also answer questions about basic drill, commands and the status of our forces.  It can additionally be used to announce attacks against the Republic and notify our allies on their Discord servers reporting the enemy location, size and activity.

Bringing It All Together

This all sounds really cool, right?  Well, we’ve already got most of the mechanics figured out and we’ll be rolling out the bots one by one starting with the Prefect-Bot since it runs our registration process.  Over time we’ll add functionality to help simplify everything and enhance what we already do to organize as a Republic making sure that the structure we’ve developed is beneficial and drives what we do inside the games we play all while saving time on administrative overhead.