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Streamer Setup

So you want to stream for us? Great, we want to help you get your stream up and running. If you already have a stream that you’re running then this should be easy. We only require a few things and then we will get you listed and Auto Hosted on our channel.

How to Become an Affiliated Streamer

  1. First fill out the Google Survey, which also includes our User Agreement:
  2. Next set up your channel with the required logo, website and social media sites. You can display the logo directly on your stream or videos or in the description or info panels of the channel.
  3. Message Brando or CaptMoxie on the Discord that your channel is ready for a check.
  4. Once you’re given the green light and that your channel is ready, you will be added to our Auto-Hosting list and listed here on the website as an MG streamer.
  5. Once you’ve reached 2 weeks of regular streaming with us, message Brando on Discord and you will be able to schedule regular streaming times for our official streaming calendar where we will promote your channel on our Facebook and other social media platforms.

Streaming Resources; Social Media and Website Information Required

Whether you’re on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live or anywhere else, we require our logo and links to be included.

Follow and Subscribe to

You can simply copy and paste this format that was provided by Ohnny from and be set up to stream for the MG community. The Logo can also be saved and uploaded to your streaming channel. Please contact an Officer in the Discord if you desire an alternative color scheme.

For any questions on how to get set up, please contact Brando or CaptMoxie for assistance.

Once you have arranged your channel with the required Social Media links and Logo, please message one of us or post in the #Streamer_Chat channel that you’re ready for confirmation that your channel is ready.

Affiliated Streamer Tiers

1. Tier 1
– Social Media Links and Logo displayed; User Agreement Signed
– MG will list you on our streamer list at Military Gamer Network (MGN)

2. Tier 2
– Tier 1 Requirements Met
– Schedule a regular weekly streaming slot with Brando
– MG will list you on our streamer list and promote your content on Facebook and MGN

3. Tier 3
– Tier 2 Requirements Met
– Make it 30 days streaming constantly on your assigned slot
– MG will list you on our stream list, promote your content on Facebook and MGN and add you to our Product Support List

The Product Support List means that we will contact the game developers/publishers for the game(s) you stream the most to ensure you are on their radar and will work to generate additional press and marketing for you. We will also ask for giveaway codes and rewards from the developers and publishers. You will also be given gift cards and discount coupons to give away for the Military Gamer Supply online store,

Throughout the whole process, we will sub-host you on the channel when your slot is up. We will add you to the Auto-host list if you meet Tier 1 and manually host you at Tier 2. At Tier 3 you will be brought in on special events and cross promotions when we work with certain game developers and other sponsors.

There isn’t officially a Tier 4, but if you surpass all expectations and dedicate yourself to streaming for MG, we are always looking for NCOs or Officers to run the streaming program so that I can focus on overall marketing to help snag more giveaways and press for your streams.

We already have relationships with Trion, Valve, random indie studios, Daybreak and Military Times.