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Consult the Books of Armaments, Chapter 2, Verses … no, wait, that’s a different thing altogether.  Stay Informed and Do Some Informing Yourself With all of the cool stuff we’re doing lately we want to make sure you have a way to capture all of your stories, contributions and immortalize yourself in our future games, …

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Game Design Done the Silver Sun Republic Way

It’s What We’ve Always Talked About … For as long as anyone can remember we’ve always had big ideas in the Republic and most of…

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New Look, More to Come — StrategyBro and More!

I stream throughout the week and often times Friday/Saturday evenings, so join me for some heckling, Struggle Bus riding, and random shenanigans at Give…

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PvP Arena Round 1 in Conan Exiles — 2 June 18

We’re kicking off the PvP Arena that we’ve spoken about recently in style with competitors from around the Military Gamer Network. member, BabyFaceJohn is hosting…

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